Padayani is being celebrated every year, in almost thirty temples of Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts even today. But it was there in more temples in earlier years. As time passed, the lack of competition among the villeges and able performers made this artform weak and even stop in many villages. But the villages like Kunnanthanam and Thelliyoor rewamped the very spirit of Padayani, after decades. In some places, Padayani is being performed with the help of the performers of their neighbouring villages.

Padayani in each village has its own peculiarities. The time period, attire, Kolams..everything will have some regional changes. For example, Kalamadan Kolam is performed in Porittikavu and Kunnamthanam only. Chettamadan is seen in Kurampala only and Ambarayakshi is the unique Kolam of Kunnamthanam.

Alapra Thacharikkal Devi Temple

  • Nearest town Erumeli
  • Date Date: Rohini Day in Meenam
  • Specialties only one padayani centre in Kottayam District. Temple situated in Ponthanpuzha forest
  • Kadammanitta Devi Temple

  • Nearest town Pathanamthitta
  • Date 1st to 10th in Medam (Valiya Padayani 8th)
  • Specialties Kanjiramala Kolam, Oorali Padayani
  • Phone +91 4735 245824
  • Kurampala Puthenkavil Devi Temple

  • Nearest town Pandalam
  • Date 13 Days (once in 5 years)
  • Specialties Chooral Adavi, Vellayum Kariyum Kolam, chettamadan Kolam, Pana, Kelayekshi (51 areca leaf sheath used), Ampalavum Vilakkum, Thulliozhikkal at chiramudi, Padayani Vinodam
  • Phone +91 4734 250960