Padayani is the annual ritualistic festival celebrated in Bhadrakali temples of Central travancore zone with due dedications. It may be regarded as the remains of ancient Dravidian concept of God and the mode of worship, offering Rathi (lust), Raktham (Blood) and Lahari (intoxication). The very spirit of central travancore finds its appearance in Padayani as that of Malabar in Theyyam. All the Sixty Four art forms play vital role in Padayani. Actually it is the combination of music, dance , painting, satire etc. Padayani reflects the ancient socialist society before the Aryanization and Chathruvarnya, the four caste system. So, the whole village take active part in Padayani without any racial discriminations. Each and every Padayani Karappuram (centers or village celebrating Padayani) observe padayani in their own way, in different aspect such as observation of rituals, order of performance and span of Padayani days. Obviously, the difference noticed is huge.