In an age lacking press or electronic media news were brought to the villages through Paradeshis’ . They are supposed to be constant travelers bringing news from all the world around. In addition to news they share philosophical thoughts with common people. They are experts in reciting slokas, singing songs and performing differents forms of dances. This entertainment includes the dialogue between the villages and paradeshi and various artistic performances of paradeshi. Head is covered with a red silk which is rolled in to the form of jada( thick inseparable mass of hair). From this konta( artificially made jada) there hung bits of kuruthola, kuruthola birds, and kuruthola serpents etc. These adornments are attributed to Shivajada, sivaganga waterbirds and flowers of Ganga. Admirations of lord Shiva and lord Krishna are often sung. Songs of paradeshi comprise of pathinjapattu (slow), Murukiyapattu (fast), kummi, Deshakkummi etc. On certain days of padayani Kuttiparadeshy (child) , Vellapparadeshi (white dress) are also staged.